I have dedicated my life to clearing UP my system basically from mental and physical toxins through natural cleanses, YOGA, and more. I managed through Yogic Science to Balance my Hormones and get pregnant, after truly believing for many years that this was impossible. This is why I am a committed servant to researching, listening to my body and hear from within what works, and doesn't. I My history with Marihuana is not very extent but yes very powerful. I can go on and on about this but I am going to fast forward since my main aim is to tell you about when I found this particular kind of CBD. 


I had tried many brands of CBD, after all I live half of my year in California. It wasn't until I was in Panama though, that a dear friend kept coming at me with a Nano Technology CBD, which at that time I didn't know what it meant nor I could see my fit in with it. This was until another friend walked in the shop I was working at the moment. He was looking very thin, was very sick and I almost couldn't recognize him, until I did. BOOM! Something inside of me clicked and I immediately said, You have to try this CBD oil!. Long story short, my friend had Terminal Cancer and although this wasn't the cure, this was the only alternative for him to live his last months with dignity, quality and being able to get up from where he was and travel, do the things he wanted to do. After this, I tried it, and was so impressed. I started given it to other people! I was even more impressed because I started seeing how much it was helping awesome beings that were in pain, and definitely didn't need more drugs to get any better. I bow to plant medicine so much, it has helped me in so many aspects of my life and this Oil Here is the Best One I have found so far, being 5 TIMES more potent, sans the THC. And this is a great thing because not everybody is looking forward to get high, but everybody does want to be healthy and happy. 



So the First thing that happens naturally is that you get in a better MOOD, because it goes through your digestive system. The receptors that are giving off serotonin are now free enough to start coming off like bubbles from a pool. And this runs up your Vagus Nerve all the way to the center of your brain. 

This is why its kind of weird to take drugs to feel happy or calm. Because what happens is that the natural serotonin you normally produce, is being covered up by toxins from the food or water you eat. 

So basically, as you Clear Up your stomach your serotonin also FREE's Up! This is a Detox System. 

How the endocannabinoid system has revolutionized modern medicine, and how it influences all beings with a backbone. Via Anandamida Gardens.


What I recommend people to do is... do your own analysis. As far as my own research, what I have noticed is tons of tabu around Cannabis. And for a good reason because as something powerful is, it can be a strength or a weakness depends on how we use it. I have found that THC is not necessarily good for everyone, in fact for Alpha people can create lots of anxiety. The interesting part is that CBD, can be a medicine for THC abuse and also opposite to THC, it can make you alert and more focused.


I feel that my life's mission is to help. This helping hand is always there but how does it develop? That, changes over time because TIME also changes.

I perceive that Cannabis is a healing plant that is here to help. In fact we are in a Co-evolutionary path where our species are routing to help us evolve. Plants carry the DNA of the future, and I believe that we can change the world by learning and leaning more to nature. How can we introduce nature more in our lifestyle ? I feel this is a good start.