The Cobra

Today I am on my 8th day of The Non Complaining Challenge I set on the last days of Bhakti Fest. When we met Prem Baba, a jewel was left in me. A jewel that is a practice of love towards humanity and myself. To not Complain.

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I woke up this Morning with the feeling of wanting to come into a new way to polish this jewel that had been given to me.  When messages don't seem to be so clear to me, I like to go to my tarot deck and read a message, that was picked by me anyways. So there it was: Pray with intention Katherine. If our prayers are wishy washy, then they lack the energy to be completely sustained.


I kind of get triggered when I feel people is criticizing me hahaha, do you too ? MAN, it is so freaking refreshing to speak openly about our stuff. It doesnt matter where this started and how it got developed, but I can hear the little girl saying "MAN!  I have worked really hard! Wanting to hear compliments instead - so give me a break" hahaha. But there I sit and grab the thought, interesting, so I choose to not make this personal at all and be instead in the state of WOW, THANK YOU #noncomplaining there is more depth to intentions than what I have grasped so far. HOW COOL, and humbling is this. Lets discover it.


So here is the thing. I tend still to regard my teachers, like an outter form, and get a little childish or how we describe it in Kundalini Yoga, Piscean Age. Like I am going to be punished or banned, If I am not a good girl. So yes, there it was, I found it. I keep forgetting that this is so egocentric because you are identifying with a persona rather than with soul. We are living inside THE DREAM, the teachers and gurus are reminders, avatars, of our own identity. I had to start speaking humbly and directly to GOD -to my soul. As I finished my Sadhana, I pictured the people that have caused me a lot of pain in my past years with such love and gratitude.

This is how my teachers would describe it. How awesome is it that before coming to this earth, we made amendments with each other and honestly honestly honestly gave up the "perfect friendship relationship" to be the true LOVE WARRIORS and help each other grow. What a Karma, to take, how much love is in that ! So that we could help each other go back Home. BOOM.

We were reading a new Tarot Deck like geeks for lunch haha and this came up. Just read what it says. Humbleness and Gratitude truly come from Non Complaining :O I am humbled and grateful by these teachings. Sat Nam.


Thanks for listening or reading this. Maybe you want to try the #noncomplaining challenge with me ?