7 Days to the New Moon, Prepare to Detox ! Transform your LIFE NOW

I wanted to talk a little bit about what has been Transformational to every one of us. Create an open forum for transformation and move on from our attachment to suffering, like a tribe and group that we are.

Support your detox with GOOD FATS from Super Foods (And also healing crystals)

Support your detox with GOOD FATS from Super Foods (And also healing crystals)

I hate to say this to you haha but If I had to say one thing for me and people I have treated, I would say DETOX. Not only you will remove toxins from your body and mind, but you will change dramatically the conversation with food and the need to use anything as a compensation of your lack. Only restoring you power as a conscious human being.

I recommend to this around New Moons, even more so than full moon's. But if you can lighten your load on both, you are a rock star. The Moon regulates the tides, in our planet and inside of us. They do - I am so glad we live in a place and space where we can freely talk about this - I appreciate what the moon gifts us which are emotions and our ability to be vulnerable. Also the moon gifts us the possibility to learn and let go of those same things, by having digested the experiences which is what I call the spiritual food.

But as much as any type of food, experiences must be digested otherwise the built up and crate disease within us in every level.


I was accumulating lots of sh*t literally in my life ! Like experiences, boxes of misery and stress in every cell. I was fat, not from food, but from accumulating depression, old stories and lots of stress, but I was literally fat physically, mentally and energetically + suffering from this too!. I realized I had to get serious with myself. With lots of Kundalini Yoga, Breath, Faith and finally the DETOX that changed shape-shifted my life forever, I made it to a much better place I am at right now. And my only true mission is to help other people understand their relationships to food, drinks, recreation and how these "basic needs"could be controlling and damaging your life due to your wrong use or abuse of them to cover up pain.

During Detoxes we are called to use something called discipline, and Yogi Bhajan said "You know who is your best friend ?, discipline is". I swear to you this is real. You cant love without being disciplined and love is the ultimate experience we all seek. I was so abusive to myself that I used this coping mechanism to distance myself from guess who? myself. And I attracted that all the time. I literally was so addicted to pain, that I didn't feel stimulated if I didn't feel threatened by the illusion of somebody leaving me, or me leaving somebody. You can ask my friends and family, how someone so giving and spiritual :P could end up in such terrible relationships being treated like sh*t. Well , I attracted all of them because all of the things I was complaining of, where inside of me. So I needed some #purification and time to do that.

I went through lots of work and finally these things came out. Have you seen the Exorcist ? It was kind of like this. I committed in letting go of my crippled stories and curriculum that I was presenting to people even before I knew them. This was hard core --> Still is, when you recognize a pattern you have been carrying for years or maybe even life times as your identity, when you do that is almost like a personality death. You dont even know who you are ! Which is great because that is how you start to know who YOU REALLY ARE, not your personality or ideas. Get it?

I swear that when I detoxed, I had no other choice but to focus all of my energy in releasing instead of adding more of anything. I created a healing detox program because I went through it, not only with food but with breathing techniques and yoga to help you remove those toxins. It is a whole plan that will change your life in 7 days.

I healed my hormones and released so much stress, that I became lighter in every way. I dont accumulate anything anymore, as a discipline practice. You will definitely see a healthier and greater body, but what will amaze you is the amount of clarity into LIFE and yourself this will bring. It will sometimes call for a radical change, people leave my retreats with a complete change of jobs and ideas ! I am always amazed by this.



So what does it take ? A week from your whole year to do this, and save you so much money and time in therapy ?

YOGA + Nutrition + DISCIPLINE will do this for you.

We start a detox in 5 days, I usually recommend 3 days before New Moon and 3 days after. 6 Days of #foodlunation is the BOMB !

New Moons are also times for planting new seeds, your intentions are amplified when you focus on what is it that your SOUL wants. The plan includes a whole formula to help you put that energy that you will invest in your discipline , and direct it towards your true and sincere goals.

Are you ready ? Subscribe yourself in. We start September 17th !

We also have our annual January Detox Retreat, and if you happen to live in California you are in for a treat because Suja Juice will be supplying you along with your subscription, A complimentary WEEK WORTH of Fresh Juice to support your pre-detox prior to Retreat.

#letsdothis !

With lots of Love,