Moon Reflections

This morning as I walk outside my beautiful dog, I started to feel the eyes of other people staring at me because of my still wearing pijamas, and ok maybe my butt, yes I can see why this is a bit too much for everyone on those Pijama shorts. Yeah, also that weird hat I chose to hide myself a bit more, was calling more attention than ever ! Kalamata chooses to take a poop next to some baby and I didn't have the doggie bag next to me, so I had to run to get it, knowing that the baby mom would not like this situation. Her new born baby having to smell some poop... so when I come back all rushed. I stopped for a minute and realized the following...

Katherine you are not a burden... this is all in your mind. And a sudden poem came to me.

I am not my illusion of separateness. I let go of my constant idea that I am interrumpting the flow in other people lives. I add and support the mission in this planet. I let go of my constant need to find a place where I need to improve, I choose to stay with the trees when they are around instead of thinking of them after they have passed. I choose to feel the vibrancy of life once I step ahead, one step at a time. I am my own source of validation, just to be alive makes me so valid and freaking invincible. I am a precious human being, who adds color and emotions to every situation to learn about you = me.

I let Go of my ideas that I am inadecuate to my environment, that people resents me, or that I am in the way of anyone's projects. I am the project ! I can do this and as I smile and pick up the poop, the baby is not there anymore. I wonder if he was ever there...

Moon Reflections.

Sat Nam.