We are Body, Mind & Spirit

If I asked you what are three things that you work on every day for happiness, what would you say?.

I would say that for me they are my physical body, my mental body and my spiritual, which is what I can understand we are made of. But first the SPIRITUAL, because as soon as I create a space in my house to hold the experience of my day, I recognize that it will become harder to get pissed at almost anything by coming to see all as Pure Process for Evolution, and therefore serving me on my growth.



Use your BODY as a vehicle to speak words that impart freedom, use your movement to inspire, use your breath to remind yourself that you are alive !, use your hands to wove new dreams, use your voice to share messages of hope and truth, and more than anything use it all so that you learn that we can lose everything except our faith. How then Would we be sad or see someone as your enemy in this dance ?

And then THE MIND. We are powerful beings (IF u haven't figured out that one already :) so we also have a powerful minds ! She is ready to serve us, she is our friend, but first we must truly get to know her too and then the natural spiritual laws for manifesting the life that you want will evolve. As the saying goes, we truly create our reality so we must first pay attention to what we are creating. I am ready to create magic, peace, love and abundance, how about you ?