A Simple Version of Veggie Miso Pho - Good for Detoxing Too !

I have been processing a lot, mainly I have been processing my inability to stay focused and present. The good thing about this is that for once, I am not giving myself a hard time. Instead, I am kinda observing my conversations : always wanting to get somewhere or seeing how every step or situation is trying to bring me also somewhere. Interesting.

So as we were holding this beautiful Ceremony last night, I felt truly inspired by the notion of loving thyself as we are. Coming to see that we are where we have been waiting for FOREVER. And we keep missing it by trying to be somewhere else. Basically the New Moon in Aries is the starter point, Aries being the first Zodiac Sign And where do we start ? With Self Love. 

It was awesome - every time we listen we learn so much. I kept listening to a lot of people wanting to be better, kinder, stronger, more compassionate, simply better ... So much beauty and so much mirroring to where my lesson was. Finally while our Ceremony was being carried, me and partner Carolina, we guided each one of us to complete awareness of what was happening. The true beauty of our existence Right There. 

After I left the Circle me and hubby went for dinner and I guess we partied too much on hot sauce, plus the processing of all the emotions, which led me to have an upset stomach. So I went this afternoon and bought a couple of items in the store having in mind I was to make a Veggie Pho.

 Bon Appetite !

Bon Appetite !

And here it is, it came out DELICIOUS and I am already feeling so much better. I hope to skip the chocolate ice cream I also bought LOL. 


  • Cilantro
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Chinese White Mushrooms 
  • Chopped Onion
  • Chopped Garlic
  • Thin Rice Vermicelli 
  • 3 Spoons Miso Paste
  • Tofu Extra Firm
  • 3 Full Spoons Sesame Oil
  • 1/4 Cup Tamari
  • Chopped Ginger



Stir Fry the onion and garlic in the Sesame Oil. Once you smell the fragrance come out, pour the water on top and let it simmer. Once you see that it starts bubbling go ahead and add the broccoli or other veggies you might want to add. Go ahead and Add the Vermicelli, Mushrooms and the 1 Full Spoon of Miso, Stir as you go so the Miso dissolves. 

Put Fire Off and Add Chinese Cabbage, Cilantro and Tamari. Cover and let it Sit for 3 to 5 Minutes.

Serve on Bowls. Each bowl will have Chopped Ginger, One Spoon of Miso, and Top with Tofu. 

I like to add also Salted Sea Weed on Top, but its up to You.

Enjoy !

* By the Way, I have been a Fan of Miso for a long time but now even more so because of the discovery of this town in Japan that has been healing its population from radiation by simply eating this magical #fermented #probiotic. YES !


 I added a Korean Topping that has de-hidrated Sea Weed and Other might not be so healthy stuff ! But HEY ! 

I added a Korean Topping that has de-hidrated Sea Weed and Other might not be so healthy stuff ! But HEY ! 

Pride of failure

When was the last time you felt proud about failing at something or at someone? 

After receiving some letters of what seemed to be full of hate and resentment to me, I had to lay down and cry a lot, of course, this weekend. My ego was severally damaged by the amount of intensity in those letters. I honestly still don´t know why I have triggered these people so much ! But at the same time I do wonder how come this hasnt happened more often? You know what I mean?

With the type of work we come to do on earth which is very BE YOURSELF in your face and there is no script, and if there is please don´t follow it, there is no recipe for making people to like you or not. This has to happen randomly and at a speed and process that we cant control. And if we could, please lets not. 

Now I get it. Or at least a tiny part of it. I get the people that I personally don´t like and appreciate them even more. Why do we need people to like us so much all the time. I mean for sure we want to belong, but at the same time taking the risk to be you - is the risk also for people to find that offensive. So interesting.

There are no conclusion to life, there is only love. And as far as I keep living I keep discovering that love in the most awkward places like in those same letters, they are also filled with so much love. Why not ? Why are we so afraid of the vulnerability. Why am I so afraid of being disliked and unapproved. 

It is interesting to me this lesson. And the more I let time pass the more the lessons fall like blossoms from a tree. Effortless, like me not trying to figure this out. But accepting, observing, learning. We are all so courageous to live on this plane. 

I read this quote this morning ¨Be grateful to the obstacles in your life because they will re-direct you where you need to be going ¨. I imagine it like a hike into the woods, and suddenly you walking into a huge fallen tree that makes you re-route and actually taking you were you needed to be going. It is a good analogy, because our intellectual mind doesn´t like obstacles or change of plans but our soul does and in fact the soul itself plans and needs those, it seeks for those fallen trees, to drive us to the new road of our lives. 

When was the last time you were proud of a mistake?. Mistakes are the proof that we are trying. And hard core trying brings abundance of all kinds, money, love, friendships, business but also disappointments, failures, heart brakes, etc. It is up to us to decide what is more worth, to stay in the comfort zone or go for it. 

Say I am sorry, I love you, I never meant to hurt you. Do whatever it takes for your heart to redeem but also move on. Help people to move on also and see that we are all playing an important role on each other´s lives. This is the year of Totality in Kundalini Yoga, which means the year to accept but LOVE our total selves. Darkness and light, light and darkness.

When was the last time you were proud of your disappointment?

With lots of Love & Sat Nam.



Un Preludio Esperanzador


Me pregunto cuantas vidas han pasado y nosotros queriendo entender. Sé que me he visto en similares situaciones, preguntándome las cosas mil veces a veces sin tener respuesta y cae uno nuevamente en el sueño enterno de la ignoriancia para seguir así. Yo creo que estamos llegando, a ver al parecer que no tenemos que ir a ningun lado.

Estoy en angustia, se que necesito meditar más, hablar menos. Pero sé tambien que compartiendo uno sana, porque te das cuenta que no estas sol@. Nunca lo estamos.


A Hopeful Forebode by Allan Watts

¨So here is the situation you see.

The Whole Idea of self improvement is a will of whisper from the books.

Is not what this is about.

Lets begin where we are

What happens if you know, if you know beyond any shadow of doubt that there is nothing you can do to be better.

Well its a kind of relief, isn´t it?

Now... You say, ¨well know what do I do ?¨

See there is a little fidget that comes up. You see, we are so used to making things better. ¨Leave the world a better place than what you found¨kind of thing.

¨I want to be of Service to all the People¨ and all this. Frenzy all of these ideas.

And ah, so. But there is a little itch still. But supposelly you can sit with that. Seeing that there isnt anything that we could do to improve ourselves or to improve the world. We realize that that is so, it gives us a breather and a cause which is simply for us to watch what is going on.

Watch what happens.

Nobody ever does this, you know. Therefore, it sounds terribly simple, it sounds so simple that it almost looks as if its not worth doing. But if you are there just watch. Watch what´s happening. And watch what you are doing as a reaction to it. Just watch it happen.

And don´t be in a hurry to think you know what it is. In other words people look at the things like ¨that is the external world¨. Oh!, how do you know ? The whole thing from a neurological point of view its happening in your head.

That you think there is something outside of the skull is a notion in your nervous system. That it may be or not be, but its a notion in your nervous system.

You think this is the material world, but that is a philosophical idea. Maybe you think its spiritual, that is also a philosophical idea. The real world is not spiritual, it is not material. The real world simply IS .¨





"Así que aquí está la situación que ves".

La idea completa de superación personal es una voluntad de susurro de los libros.

No es de lo que se trata esto.

Comencemos donde estamos

¿Qué pasa si sabes, si sabes más allá de cualquier duda que no hay nada que puedas hacer para ser mejor?

Bueno, es una especie de alivio, ¿no?

Ahora ... dices: "¿Entonces qué debo hacer?"

Mira, hay un pequeño problema que surge. Usted ve, estamos tan acostumbrados a querer hacer las cosas mejor. "Déja al mundo un lugar mejor que el que encontraste".

"Quiero estar al servicio de todas las personas" y todo esto. Frenesí de todas estas ideas.

Y ah, entonces. Pero todavía hay un poco de picazón. Pero digamos supuestamente que te puedes sentar con eso. Al ver que no hay nada que podamos hacer para mejorar o mejorar el mundo. Nos damos cuenta de que eso es así, nos da un respiro y una causa que es simplemente para nosotros ver lo que está pasando.

OBSERVA lo que sucede

Nadie hace esto, sabes. Por lo tanto, suena terriblemente simple, suena tan simple que casi parece que no vale la pena hacerlo. Pero si estás allí solo mira. Mira lo que está sucediendo. Y mira lo que estás haciendo como reacción a eso. Solo mira cómo sucede.

Y no tengas prisa por pensar que sabes lo que es. En otras palabras, las personas miran cosas como "ese es el mundo externo". ¡Oh !, ¿cómo lo sabes? Todo desde el punto de vista neurológico está sucediendo en tu cabeza.

Que pienses que hay algo fuera del cráneo es una noción en tu sistema nervioso. Que puede ser o no ser, pero es una noción en tu sistema nervioso.

Crees que éste es el mundo material, pero ésa es una idea filosófica. Tal vez piensas que es espiritual, esa es también una idea filosófica. El mundo real no es espiritual, no es material. El mundo real simplemente ES  .¨

Aprieta Aqui para el Link a la Canción en Spotify :)


We are Body, Mind & Spirit

If I asked you what are three things that you work on every day for happiness, what would you say?.

I would say that for me they are my physical body, my mental body and my spiritual, which is what I can understand we are made of. But first the SPIRITUAL, because as soon as I create a space in my house to hold the experience of my day, I recognize that it will become harder to get pissed at almost anything by coming to see all as Pure Process for Evolution, and therefore serving me on my growth.



Use your BODY as a vehicle to speak words that impart freedom, use your movement to inspire, use your breath to remind yourself that you are alive !, use your hands to wove new dreams, use your voice to share messages of hope and truth, and more than anything use it all so that you learn that we can lose everything except our faith. How then Would we be sad or see someone as your enemy in this dance ?

And then THE MIND. We are powerful beings (IF u haven't figured out that one already :) so we also have a powerful minds ! She is ready to serve us, she is our friend, but first we must truly get to know her too and then the natural spiritual laws for manifesting the life that you want will evolve. As the saying goes, we truly create our reality so we must first pay attention to what we are creating. I am ready to create magic, peace, love and abundance, how about you ?



How to Start Meditating




If there is one thing that you could do to have everything : everything in your life, would you do it? So lets consider this one. Besides all the beauty tips I could give you (which I love), if I have to be honest the ultimate wisdom, beauty and loving tip is to sit down every morning before you do anything else and meditate. 



This turmeric ginger smoothie is packed with fresh pineapple and banana, for a healthy, refreshing drink that tastes like a Piña Colada.

5 minutes


Vegan, Gluten free, Paleo

∙ Serves 1-2


1 Banana, frozen

1 1 inch piece Ginger, fresh

1 cup Pineapple chunks, fresh or refrigerated

1 cup Soy or almond milk, unflavored



Once our body awakens from a long night of sleep (hopefully, but even more so if you didn't ;) our system is at its prime for the absorption of nutrition or not, and it depends on what we choose on how our energy, emotions and therefore reactions that will affect our life arise too. So why not making a little tonic that will make your system alkaline and relaxed for the rest of the day (this is a true tonic for reseting your metabolism too).


Here's just a small sampling of the natural treasure we all are, and how we can all activate that within ourselves.



My favorite Kriya for a QUICK elevation of your self. Truly, it changes your mood in just 30 minutes. For Full Kriya click here



My favourite set of exercise to Tune-In as I wake up, it works with oxygenation of the body, plus you get to balance all your chakras & feel radiant while you also release trauma ! Boom. 

The Cobra

Today I am on my 8th day of The Non Complaining Challenge I set on the last days of Bhakti Fest. When we met Prem Baba, a jewel was left in me. A jewel that is a practice of love towards humanity and myself. To not Complain.

You can Read More of the Story Here

I woke up this Morning with the feeling of wanting to come into a new way to polish this jewel that had been given to me.  When messages don't seem to be so clear to me, I like to go to my tarot deck and read a message, that was picked by me anyways. So there it was: Pray with intention Katherine. If our prayers are wishy washy, then they lack the energy to be completely sustained.


I kind of get triggered when I feel people is criticizing me hahaha, do you too ? MAN, it is so freaking refreshing to speak openly about our stuff. It doesnt matter where this started and how it got developed, but I can hear the little girl saying "MAN!  I have worked really hard! Wanting to hear compliments instead - so give me a break" hahaha. But there I sit and grab the thought, interesting, so I choose to not make this personal at all and be instead in the state of WOW, THANK YOU #noncomplaining there is more depth to intentions than what I have grasped so far. HOW COOL, and humbling is this. Lets discover it.


So here is the thing. I tend still to regard my teachers, like an outter form, and get a little childish or how we describe it in Kundalini Yoga, Piscean Age. Like I am going to be punished or banned, If I am not a good girl. So yes, there it was, I found it. I keep forgetting that this is so egocentric because you are identifying with a persona rather than with soul. We are living inside THE DREAM, the teachers and gurus are reminders, avatars, of our own identity. I had to start speaking humbly and directly to GOD -to my soul. As I finished my Sadhana, I pictured the people that have caused me a lot of pain in my past years with such love and gratitude.

This is how my teachers would describe it. How awesome is it that before coming to this earth, we made amendments with each other and honestly honestly honestly gave up the "perfect friendship relationship" to be the true LOVE WARRIORS and help each other grow. What a Karma, to take, how much love is in that ! So that we could help each other go back Home. BOOM.

We were reading a new Tarot Deck like geeks for lunch haha and this came up. Just read what it says. Humbleness and Gratitude truly come from Non Complaining :O I am humbled and grateful by these teachings. Sat Nam.


Thanks for listening or reading this. Maybe you want to try the #noncomplaining challenge with me ?

7 Days to the New Moon, Prepare to Detox ! Transform your LIFE NOW

I wanted to talk a little bit about what has been Transformational to every one of us. Create an open forum for transformation and move on from our attachment to suffering, like a tribe and group that we are.

 Support your detox with GOOD FATS from Super Foods (And also healing crystals)

Support your detox with GOOD FATS from Super Foods (And also healing crystals)

I hate to say this to you haha but If I had to say one thing for me and people I have treated, I would say DETOX. Not only you will remove toxins from your body and mind, but you will change dramatically the conversation with food and the need to use anything as a compensation of your lack. Only restoring you power as a conscious human being.

I recommend to this around New Moons, even more so than full moon's. But if you can lighten your load on both, you are a rock star. The Moon regulates the tides, in our planet and inside of us. They do - I am so glad we live in a place and space where we can freely talk about this - I appreciate what the moon gifts us which are emotions and our ability to be vulnerable. Also the moon gifts us the possibility to learn and let go of those same things, by having digested the experiences which is what I call the spiritual food.

But as much as any type of food, experiences must be digested otherwise the built up and crate disease within us in every level.


I was accumulating lots of sh*t literally in my life ! Like experiences, boxes of misery and stress in every cell. I was fat, not from food, but from accumulating depression, old stories and lots of stress, but I was literally fat physically, mentally and energetically + suffering from this too!. I realized I had to get serious with myself. With lots of Kundalini Yoga, Breath, Faith and finally the DETOX that changed shape-shifted my life forever, I made it to a much better place I am at right now. And my only true mission is to help other people understand their relationships to food, drinks, recreation and how these "basic needs"could be controlling and damaging your life due to your wrong use or abuse of them to cover up pain.

During Detoxes we are called to use something called discipline, and Yogi Bhajan said "You know who is your best friend ?, discipline is". I swear to you this is real. You cant love without being disciplined and love is the ultimate experience we all seek. I was so abusive to myself that I used this coping mechanism to distance myself from guess who? myself. And I attracted that all the time. I literally was so addicted to pain, that I didn't feel stimulated if I didn't feel threatened by the illusion of somebody leaving me, or me leaving somebody. You can ask my friends and family, how someone so giving and spiritual :P could end up in such terrible relationships being treated like sh*t. Well , I attracted all of them because all of the things I was complaining of, where inside of me. So I needed some #purification and time to do that.

I went through lots of work and finally these things came out. Have you seen the Exorcist ? It was kind of like this. I committed in letting go of my crippled stories and curriculum that I was presenting to people even before I knew them. This was hard core --> Still is, when you recognize a pattern you have been carrying for years or maybe even life times as your identity, when you do that is almost like a personality death. You dont even know who you are ! Which is great because that is how you start to know who YOU REALLY ARE, not your personality or ideas. Get it?

I swear that when I detoxed, I had no other choice but to focus all of my energy in releasing instead of adding more of anything. I created a healing detox program because I went through it, not only with food but with breathing techniques and yoga to help you remove those toxins. It is a whole plan that will change your life in 7 days.

I healed my hormones and released so much stress, that I became lighter in every way. I dont accumulate anything anymore, as a discipline practice. You will definitely see a healthier and greater body, but what will amaze you is the amount of clarity into LIFE and yourself this will bring. It will sometimes call for a radical change, people leave my retreats with a complete change of jobs and ideas ! I am always amazed by this.



So what does it take ? A week from your whole year to do this, and save you so much money and time in therapy ?

YOGA + Nutrition + DISCIPLINE will do this for you.

We start a detox in 5 days, I usually recommend 3 days before New Moon and 3 days after. 6 Days of #foodlunation is the BOMB !

New Moons are also times for planting new seeds, your intentions are amplified when you focus on what is it that your SOUL wants. The plan includes a whole formula to help you put that energy that you will invest in your discipline , and direct it towards your true and sincere goals.

Are you ready ? Subscribe yourself in. We start September 17th !

We also have our annual January Detox Retreat, and if you happen to live in California you are in for a treat because Suja Juice will be supplying you along with your subscription, A complimentary WEEK WORTH of Fresh Juice to support your pre-detox prior to Retreat.

#letsdothis !

With lots of Love,



Bhakti Fest and my meeting with Prem Baba

This was the third day at Bhakti Fest. To my experience it truly takes 3 days for our bodies to de-compress and our minds to expand and being able to experience our presence, our divine quality of perceiving life in such a way where time and space dissappear. And even words dont do a good job ever to describe such feeling, the feeling of Love. I feel that this is Yoga probably that is why I am obsessed with retreats, you allow yourself the time to go deep into your practice and experience yourself through Yoga.

 Sat Nam

Sat Nam

You dare to be yourself, and this is painful sometimes. I feel like the forst two days we are in that phase, of self-discovery and raw honest truth of being our habits and patterns that take us away from Love.

This was the third Day. And I woke up like this, looking through the window of our RV, and first of all it was raining in the desert ! This is such a blessing, I am thinking as I feel the wind coming in through the open door we left open for Kala (Our Dog) during the night. Neil tells me, look over your shoulder and there it is, the rainbow. Now let me tell you this, rainbows are a way of communication with baba Ram Dass, as a soul, he manifests. And we can all do the same if we believe. So, yes ! I scream YES, YES, YES, YES.

 I connect to you through Rainbows

I connect to you through Rainbows

I went on to take an outside shower in the desert and went on to an early Kundalini Class. I never missed a class from Kia Miller, during this festival that was my calling for sure. Early Yoga and then be in the presence of this place, experience the most kirtan and chant my heart and tons of relax. I was for the first time doing this with my husband too, so it was such a lovely and mature experience of LOVE. We went super deep (like we usually do in everything haha) into our devotion as a couple, and experienced so many beautiful people. By day 3 we were so open and floating haha a typical Bhakti Experience (your truly get to levitate out of love). I feel like if you are that person that likes to be high naturally, have a hippie side of life or a yearning for a deep loving experience (non sexual I feel) and improve on yourself, this is a festival to not miss MAAAAAN ! So beautiful.

 Chagit is the Bomb !

Chagit is the Bomb !

So day 3, after Kia Miller´s Class which was about the radiant body, I felt radiant. Not in a strong way, quite the opposite. I felt the power in my surrendering and letting go of ideas and concepts in my head. I go and meet Neil at the beginning of Sienna Sherman´s Class, which was absolutely the most divine and magic class ever. So beautiful and simple, lots of breath work and amazing music by Kirtan Soul Revival. Pure bliss basically. It was all about love and entering into Krishna´s truth, which is seeing the divine in ourselves. We felt so open.

 Kirtan Soul Revival

Kirtan Soul Revival

Neil and Me (sorry Bhakti Fest :P) decided to stay in that room and squeeze in the next event, because the night before we heard a message to be during this following talk. We met this fairy like guy (www.mysticlinguistics.com) the night before hanging out at Organic India. He comes to talk to us with million ideas and really high on love, like you know when you are talking to a person that just came back from a retreat haha, they go a million miles per hour hahaha (and that is beautiful).  So I decided to experience this person completely and just listened deeply. So, he kept going with beautiful messages through stories and we kept listening. He also mentioned so Prem Baba so many times. Before we could even ask he mentions at the end of a phrase "So, have you been to seen him right ?" We say No. And he says ¨You know, I cant believe such a master is here and there is people that have been there to seen him¨. We are like, Ok we promise we will go to him tomorrow.

 My morning rituals consisted of Super Foods. In extreme environments like the desert, we can support ourselves by eating lighter and good fats.

My morning rituals consisted of Super Foods. In extreme environments like the desert, we can support ourselves by eating lighter and good fats.

So, we were there sitting quietly, holding space like we were told just before by the presentor of this event. ¨When you are in the presence of such masters, you have to inhale and exhale their presence. Don´t get lost in the thought, and let their presence heal you. So we were there and this incredible Music starts playing ( Prem Baba brings his kirtan band all over the place he goes WAO!) and all I can honestly feel is so much love! Right away I begin to cry. I can feel this guy already ok. Wao ! Ok so I am so excited and just keep breathing and crying. He enters the room and we all are truly in the presence of a guru. Guru means the person who brings the light, these entities exist and they have the ability to make you aware and conscious in one second through their presence (This is why yogi bhajan says 'if your presence cant speak for you, what will?') therefore experience God in yourself. So, yes you are there breathing this energy, and chanting mantras with such devotion that you are praying.


 Waiting for the Master

Waiting for the Master

Prem Baba clears the space, you are SO awake and eventually starts talking and with a great sense of humor as he holds what looks to be like 100 little white papers on one hand, he says ¨You know, all the question here are regarding relationships¨and we all laugh. He continues:

¨ What we forget is that this life is all about relationships. The relationship with ourselves, with everyone and everything else is a mirror. Relationships are the universities of life, where we will need to learn to LOVE. And this test cant be bypassed. Love is the real reason why we are here. We are specifically here on earth to learn how to love, and we do that through relationships. To Love so deep that we let go of the other one to the point we let them not love us.¨ Wao in that moment we all felt that like an arrow to the chest. Because you know, when this people talk, they talk very few words, but their words carry truth and you are not even thinking you are just listening and Receiving the information. He says ¨To love with attachment, is not to love. If we are there we must keep to work on ourselves. That is why we have relationships. Just like the river goes back to the Ocean, we are longing to merge once and for all with oneness.¨  Just like Paramahansa Yogananda says, the wave is not looking forward to merge into another wave. The wave's ultimate destiny is to be with the Ocean. We had this during our wedding ceremony, to remind each other that we are getting married to unite with each other only to become one with God or Spirit, or Oneness. He goes ¨You know when we chant with true deep love or devotion we are basically praying. And if we do that with intention, we must be certain that we will be listened. Just like a child that goes out to play and when he or she comes back, he/she finds out the door of his/her house is shut closed.  And he/she begins knocking, Oh Dad Open Up, Oh Mom Open Up ! We chant with that intention because we are those childs that only true yearning or want is to go back home.¨ My eyes kept weeping the whole time, not with an emotion, just filled with so much love and experiencing truth.  He kept going through some questions and asweres in this way, but I am trying to write here all the answers and conversations he gave not in order excuses for that. ¨Our issue is that our love is conditional. To experience God we must love unconditionally and that is why we are here. To learn to love so deeply that we allow freedom, no attachment is the only way to love.¨ He brings up a super touching question from a dad saying, I want to teach my daughter about love and peace how can I do that? And he says ¨Yeah, how can we teach anyone about something we dont have.¨

I feel like this concept is being brought up to me this year to share with others. The year of mastery ! We must master ourselves this year. In Kundalini Yoga we teach numerology and the art of understanding numbers is just like any other thing, as powerful as you can see it powerful. Prem Baba said "Some people are born to master maybe only one thing! in other way you could say that some person out there is here on earth with his/her mission to love his/her mother, for example."

 Community Practicing Together

Community Practicing Together

Another question was regarding when to leave a relationship when this one feels toxic. He answered ¨If a relationship becomes unbereable because the two people fail to take responsibility for themselves, then you must yes take space for purification because we must learn to not blame anything on anything or anyone.¨ When hard situations come, become aware of what is great in your life. That shifts everything into gratitude and thats the place where we need (not want) to be. So he says, ¨we must learn to see whatever arises in our life, like the lila (Krishna as the source of the infinite created a play in which we are in, meaning that is a dream we created and living in it) it is. Relationships are there to teach us to love undonditionally. It is difficult because we were taught a very conditioned love. I love you if you are a good girl or good boy, so it distortioned us right?¨ So here we go. A great question came in, how do we heal our planet. And he says ¨The best way to heal our planet again, is to not complain.¨We all laughed, and he explains ¨Yes, right now mother earth is going through labor pains, because she is trying to deliver the new child of earth which is TRUTH. To love the earth we need to start having gratitude for everything that she creates¨.  Can we love everyone? No not yet. We can´t, so we must keep working. That is the true root of suffering, our conditioned image of a love that is not real. We must become so transparent that we can digest poison.

Another questions was, It seems the people I love the most are the ones that keep hurting me the most. And He Answered "You must do the work to see why you are attracting these people and behaviors because it is you who are calling this energy and behaviors." Again, the art of non complaining is real. "When you take responsibility its like a song I sing to myself", he says. And he went on to sing in portuges something like "When something hurts me really bad, I am so happy to take it as the blessing and lesson it is, because everything I created to bring myself closer to you (meaning real love)".

 Long Time Friends

Long Time Friends

When we stop blaming anyone and take responsibility for ourselves, we can truly love.

He mentioned also a girl that went to him to ask him about love and relationships. And he said, "You know there is a lot of people that are attached to their suffering. So the only way they feel stimulated is by feeling like they are going to be left, or leaving someone else. So they attract these relationships that are unhealthy because that is the only way they can feel. If someone comes to offer true and free love, they wouldn't even pay attention to it or see it as love. They are so attached to suffering. So our work also in this human incarnation is to let go of our attachment to suffering."  True love comes with freedom but until we are not free and let go of our curriculum. Some people show up in life and they bring all of their past stories to support their coping mechanisms, because they are enchanted with their stories. untill you dont the work to Look at yourself deeply, and drop the stories you cant love for real. Love to the point where you set everyone free.

What a beautiful experience. I personally entered a 40 days strict resolution to not complain (Hoping to motivate people out there and we can do this together), this is that least thing I can do as an offering to mother earth in gratitude for all she expresses and gives us. It is our time to grow up, and face it. We have the responsibility to BE, not only exist. We must learn to forgive, because that is the true gift to ourselves. To let go, and aim for oneness. Let the little perosnality Go, and dare to face the change this times are needing. I LOVE YOU, yes all of you. Just be YOU, if I have a problem with that, that is my problem.

Ok, I think that is a good portion of what my soul captured from this meeting with this divine soul and what I am still processing. I am so thankful to Kundalini Yoga, to Bhakti in my life and to the Divine Spirit put next to me , you always rock my world baba Christiansen.

Shanti Om. Sat Nam. Namasté !


(Sorry for anything unsaid, or undone as I tried to write as fast and capture the pure feeling and message rather than getting lost in a perfect blog or article)


 My favorite picture of our RV with Kundalini White Robes drying :)

My favorite picture of our RV with Kundalini White Robes drying :)