"...there can be no success or happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do." Freya Madeline Stark


THE YOGA LOVE PROJECT is a platform to love yourself, which in itself is the BIGGEST project you signed yourself for once you were born.

NOW. Easier said than done, thats why I am here offering what has worked for me, and what I keep seeing that works for so many people, as guidance for your own discovery to your unique true self and path… if you know what I mean. 



The Journal is Where I get to put all my projects. Find articles related to food, yoga, healing, moon Rituals, simple mind dazing and things I truly like. My aim is to use this tool for free teachings and conversations, with an opportunity to help everyone and raise our value despite how much suffering we have had in life.  

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Healing Sessions crafted with intention : to support you and the important transitions around your life. By having suffered with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and abusive relationships myself, I have become not only an 'empath' but also a geek of the best healing remedies that I have experienced myself and tried on other friends out there. The goal is to bring us more into our bodies, and activate our natural healing mechanism to our best selves.

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Yoga Retreats are an excuse to get together with my best friends who happen to be the best healers in the planet ! And we JAM, literally. We bring people (usually that we have never met) along that jam to share a week of passionate love for nature, meditate, do yoga, explore the depths of our souls, heal, cry, laugh a lot and do deep work too. Each Retreat has a theme that is inspirational to the people it touches. Find the One that Excites your spirit and come shine your light with us. No body is perfect, we are far from that, but we do anything better together... that is for sure. 

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We live in a Co-evolutionary path, which means that us as living species on this planet are helping each other evolve. As contradictory as that sounds when you watch the news, our beautiful animals and plants have what is necessary to live at this moment in time and are providing us with answers. I perceive Cannabis as a beautiful out of this world plant that is here to HELP, and if we use it wisely we can help so many people out there live a much higher quality of life. 

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